Weather Where You Want To Be

...because, it is time for a vacation...

Weather Website Initial Planning Document


This page should make accurate weather information available for anywhere that a user might want to go.


Visitors to this site will be people that are planning trips and need to know what weather patterns are like in a given destination. Nobody wants to go to the coast during hurricane season! The user will be able to search their destination and get information about the current weather as well as weather patterns during a specific time of year.



Burnt out call center employee that needs a relaxing vacation.



Fictional Name:

Max Powers

Job Title/major responsibilities:

Customer Service Coordinator, stay tethered to a phone machine while listening to customers complain day in and day out, and trying to maintain sanity.


36 yrs old, supports a family, constantly stressed about performance reviews and desperately needs a vacation.

Goals and Tasks:

Long gone are the days of dreaming of moving up in the company, so, mostly just gets through the days and lives for the generous amount of time off that has been accrued over the years… desperately needs a vacation.


Home is Heaven… work is another story… even home gets old… time to take a trip.


“Please don’t make me go back… please no.”

My sketches follow:


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